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Their nicknames say it all: the Sunshine State and the Magic City. Known for its warm climate, orange crops, water sports, flora, fauna and multiculturalism, Florida is a home to many artists, athletes and celebrities. It is also known as the flattest state in the US. Its capital city is Tallahassee but its most populous city Miami is the economic, tourist, entertainment and business center of the state. Miami is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the USA and the most important cruise passenger port in the world. Distinctive for its Latino population, tropical climate, zoos, museums, sand beaches, nightlife, music, arts, festivals, cuisine etc., Miami is guaranteed to leave you breathless. But that is not all Florida has to offer. The magnificent Florida Keys are a famous cay coral archipelago located just off the state’s southern coast, forming the southernmost point of continental US. The Keys are a popular tourist destination, also known for the Seven Mile Bridge, one of the longest bridges in the world at the time of its construction.


A British Overseas Territory known for its subtropical climate, the coral reef that surrounds it, pink beaches and crystal clear sea. Bermuda is a volcanic archipelago which consists of 181 islands. Apart from the abundant natural beauties, Bermuda also boasts rich history, interesting museums, architecture and sightseeing attractions. The town of St. George is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Numerous tourists that visit Bermuda are scuba diving enthusiasts who enjoy exploring the shipwrecks in the seas surrounding the archipelago. Bermuda’s diverse population has mixed African, European, Asian and indigenous American ancestry. The official language is English, but Portuguese is also spoken on the islands, mostly to due immigration from Portuguese-speaking countries.

Also a British Overseas Territory, officially the Virgin Islands but also known as British Virgin Islands. Located just east of Puerto Rico. The official language is English. Very popular with North American citizens. The territory comprises about 60 tropical islands of volcanic origin and various sizes. One of the most attractive features of these islands is the climate they enjoy. The tropical heat is tempered by trade winds so the temperatures don’t vary significantly throughout the year; it is never too hot or too cold on British Virgin Islands. Tourism and finances are the most important economic sectors in the country. Due to the turquoise sea, sandy beaches and the number of islands, British Virgin Islands are a destination very popular amongst scuba divers and sailing enthusiasts. The BVI Spring Regatta, a seven-day sailing race, takes places every year in late March/early April.

An island in the Lesser Antilles, located just east of Puerto Rico. Administratively divided between France and the Netherlands. The official languages on the island are English, Dutch and French. The most important settlements are Marigot and Philipsburg. The island had a turbulent history as it was a subject of disputes and wars between the Spanish, Dutch, English and French. In the past, the island’s economy relied on agriculture but in recent decades, tourism is the most important source of income. The French side of the island is known for shopping, cuisine and nude beaches while the Dutch side is famous for its nightlife, beaches and jewelry. The island is also famous for its Princess Juliana International Airport which does not only serve as a major gateway for the neighboring Caribbean island but has a runway very close to Maho Beach which results is planes landing at a very low altitude, just meters above the swimmers and spectators on the beach. Due to its geographical location, the island has a perfect climate with temperatures rarely falling under 20 oC and exceeding 34 oC. The island boasts sand, pebble and rock beaches which makes it a perfect holiday destination for those who prefer diversity.

A luxury Caribbean tourist spot famous for being a home to many celebrities and shelter to sailors. As a popular tourist destination, Antigua boasts many resorts, hotels, villas, shops, bars and restaurants. Its white sand beaches also attract many sailors so it’s not unusual for Antigua’s stunning bays to be full of anchored yachts and ships, adding to the luxury of this beautiful island.

An overseas region of France located in the Lesser Antilles. The official language is French but almost everyone on the island speaks Antillean Creole. The most prominent geographical feature of the island is Mont Pelée, a volcano whose eruption in 1902 destroyed the town of Saint-Pierre. Martinique is also famous as the birthplace of Empress Josephine, Napoleon’s wife. The island’s economy used to be based on the production of bananas, sugar and rum but in recent decades, tourism has become the most important economic sector. Martinique is famous for its stunning white and dark sand beaches, rich rainforest vegetation, fantastic cuisine, cultural life and outdoor activities.

A small archipelago located in the Lesser Antilles, also an overseas region of France. The official language is also French but as with Martinique, the entire island population also speaks Antillean Creole. The islands are of volcanic origin with one volcano still active. The climate is tropical but moderated by trade winds, giving the annual mean temperature of 26 oC. Some of the most famous features of Guadeloupe are the Carbet Falls and the annual Carnival which takes place in January, February and March. Guadeloupe is not as crowded and busy as some other Caribbean destinations, which makes it a perfect place for everyone who seeks a tranquil holiday in an untouched tropical paradise.

An island nation in the Lesser Antilles consisting of the main island called Saint Vincent and a group of smaller islands called the Grenadines. The country’s economy is still based on agriculture but tourism is becoming an increasingly important source of income, which is helped by the recent filming of the popular Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The islands are known for their white sand beaches, aquamarine blue sea, scuba diving and hiking activities, shops, restaurants and bars.

An island country which consists of Grenada as the biggest and 7 smaller islands. First discovered in 1498 by Cristopher Columbus himself. Grenada is still a member of the Commonwealth. It is famous for production of spices such as nutmeg, mace, cinnamon, cloves and ginger. Grenada is a volcanic island with tropical climate known for dry and hot seasons.

>Spanish for “Rich Port”. Easternmost and the smallest island of the Greater Antilles. Discovered by Cristopher Columbus in 1493 during his second voyage. Puerto Rico is unincorporated territory of the Unites States, famous for its natural beauties, rich history, interesting cuisine, architecture etc. It is very popular amongst travelers who seek exciting holidays, rich night life, but also want to occasionally wind down and enjoy the sun on a quiet sandy beach.

The biggest island in the Caribbean and one of the last bastions of communism in the world. Famous for its music, culture, salsa, rum, sandy beaches, cuisine and being a home to Ernest Hemingway. In recent decades, Cuba has been gradually opening to tourists from all around the world, with Havana and Varadero being the most popular destinations. Varadero is the most popular resort town in which the tourists are mostly separated from the locals but more and more visitors are looking to explore Cuba outside the resorts and get a true feeling of the Cuban life and society. One of the Cuban features most interesting to westerners are the oldtimer cars still being used on the island. It’s like having a time machine and going 50 years back in time!